The first thing that comes to mind when looking over the large grassy field is what a beautiful peaceful place it is.  If not for the few markers resting on a concrete slab at the front and the large white cross on the hill you would not know it was a cemetery.  Very few people know there is a cemetery on the grounds.  To be honest, very few people care.

arial view

If you look at the photo above closely you will be able to see a portion of the graves.  Some of those graves have been there for over a hundred years.  Why should we try to preserve the cemetery or mark the graves now? We try because at one point in time each one of those buried there was the whole world to someone else.  They were someone’s child, someone’s husband or wife, someone’s mom or dad, someone’s brother or sister.  Today there are grandchildren and great-grandchildren who never had what most of us take for granted.  They don’t know where their grandparent died or where they were buried.  Some don’t even know their name.

The people buried here did not lead an easy life.  They did not have someone to hold their hand as they died.  There was no one there to cry as they were lowered into the ground.  All those people, over 2469 of them, rest in graves with the one and only thing to mark their lives being a concrete square with a number on it.  A marker now buried beneath the ground.  They deserve better than that.  They deserve to have their lives recognized, even if it is only a marker with their name on it.

What would it take to make that happen?  Not very much at all if enough people care.  For some it would mean putting off buying the new X-Box game or the latest app.   For others it is a matter of getting angry.  Angry that there is a cemetery in our small town with over 2469 graves marked with numbers.  You can help by joining the committee, giving a donation or by simply sharing our story with others.

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  1. kivens1971 says:

    The first time I went to CLSH was about 12 years ago when my older children were young. I met Paul Benoit and was shown around the grounds. But nothing prepared me for the tears that would come from reading my great grandmother’s medical records.I sat in my car and cried. You see, I was the first and only person to ever visit her in over 75 years. Then I learn that she not only had no one who came to her funeral{ if you can call it that, she was wheel barreled to he hole }, but she had been placed in a wooden coffin, made by male patients and her gown by female patients. She had waited many years before, for someone, anyone to give her news of her 6 children. The nurses notes said she walked to hall every night crying for her “babies”. This was a strong woman, who had been abandoned and left to fade away. She has no grave stone, the hospital had seemed to of lost her patient number, the only way to identify her, so now she is just a spoken word. I feel the thickness of the air when I go there, to CLSH….so many souls there, never given the proper burial. I went back to CLSH this past weekend and I could have stayed for many more hours than I did. I hope the state realizes the importance and necessity of saving this place. It will be a shame if all is forgotten.

  2. I have just found that my 4th great aunt was a patient and probably died at the hospital. I do not know how to get her records. I want to find out about her and her life.

    • DSUpshaw says:

      Kim, use the contact page to send us your aunt’s name. We can tell you if she is buried there. That is all the information we can give out or have access to. For more you will have to contact Medical Records.

      This is the address and phone number you need. Hope you find the answers you are looking for..

      Central Louisiana State Hospital
      Medical Records Dept.
      P. O. Box 5031
      Pineville, LA 71361-5031
      (this is the Switchboard Operator # – just ask for Medical Records Dept.)

    • Denise Blake says:

      Kim, could you let us know how this goes? My great grandfather is buried there. I’d love to be able to see his medical records. I just don’t know how easy it would be to get them. Best of luck in your research.

  3. Linda says:

    I understand that Jackson State Hospital has the same situation in a cemetery full of unmarked graves. My great grandmother is buried there. She died in 1930 in that hospital after being sent there from New Orleans. She had epilepsy and tragically at that time doctors treated it as a mental illness. I do have her medical records from the hospital and I can tell you that anyone that died in any of these hopitals suffered greatly from the conditions. I wish CLSH Cemetery Preservation would take on this hospital as a cause. I would surely donate to it. I live in Michigan so I can’t take it on myself.

  4. Ellen D. says:

    I pray each and everyone of you find your ancestors.Just let me say they finally adjusted some better than others. My grandfather came out after being there over25 yrs.He couldn’t adjust to the new world and requested to go back. He died there and we buried him elsewhere. He was one of the lucky ones who had family nearby. And I can honetly say my grandmother never divorced him but would go see him every week. Again she lived close by. I went a couple times with her but it would hit so much to see these people who looked so lost. Good luck and if you find them they will be happy.

  5. Christal Natrigo says:

    I just found out my great great Grandmother died and was buried there in 1925 her story is a truly sad one. She had 4 kids 2 just babies her husband beat her so she tried to kill herself. He had her put there and went off and forgot about her. She eventually died and no one came to claim her. This makes me so sad to think she was all alone and forgotten. No one was there for her. I never thought when I started this search that this is where she ended up with no name Just a number. Well she has a name its Aberdeen May Wilson and she endured so much she was a strong woman.

  6. My half brother Hershel Turner, was there sometime around the late 40’s and early 50’s. I was only about 10 to 14 years old then, and Hershel was I guess in his 30’s or early 40’s. I never knew why my Father took him to Pineville. Hershel was in the Air Force stationed at Barksdale Field in Shreveport, Louisiana, and was discharged for some reason, I never knew why. He was very talented played the guitar and piano. I know he is buried there in Pineville and I would like to know if it would be possible to get his medical records. My daughter has some problems and is in a home in Alexandra, Louisiana, and her mother, my ex wife, was told by my daughters doctor that what is wrong with her could be hereditary. Please let me know if this is possible. My son lives at Tioga and he wants to try and help his sister. Please let me hear from you.

    • DSUpshaw says:

      I am sorry but we are not a part of the hospital and don’t have access to medical records. You will have to contact them directly

      This is the address and phone number you need:

      Central Louisiana State Hospital
      Medical Records Dept.
      P. O. Box 5031
      Pineville, LA 71361-5031
      (this is the Switchboard Operator # – just ask for Medical Records Dept.)

      Good liuck. I hope you find the information you need.

  7. I want to join the committee in preserving this memorial. It breaks my heart that so many died alone there and still remain nameless.

  8. mikle white says:

    I would like to find my great grandfather adam young can someone tell me how do I go about doing that

    • DSUpshaw says:

      Mike, I am very sorry we toke so long to answer you. There was glitch with WordPress and I just saw your message. I will check to see if he is on the list of people buried at Central. That is all we can do. For any additional information you will have to contact medical records at the hospital. We are not connected to the hospital and do not have access to anyone’s records.

  9. Courtney Jones says:

    Are there any tours of the property scheduled? If so, when? Thank you!

  10. kellie sims says:

    Hello, thank you so much for having this page and for the service you do to preserve this cemetery. I am searching for the grave/information on my grandmother’s sister. Her name was Anna or Annie McPhearson nee Bordelon. I believe she was a patient in the ’50’s or ’60s and died there.

    Thank you for any information you can provide.

  11. michael.arceneaux@ymail.com says:

    we were informed about our paternal grandmother Angelina White Arceneaux, She was married to Andrew Arceneaux. She was put into the state run hospital in Pineville, LA. right after child birth. Years later she died in the hospital from lung problems. The hospital was not very clean in those early years. No family members came to see her and no one came to her funeral or to claim the body. She was buried in a mass grave behind the hospital. We have found her final resting place and will soon be placing a head stone there behind the hospital in her memory.
    May she rest in peace. ANGELINA WHITE ARCENEAUX

    • DSUpshaw says:

      There have been rumors about mass graves but there is no evidence that it happened. We have not been able to connect any of the graves to the people we have identified. That is why we are working to put up a monument bearing all the names we have found. Unfortunately we are finding that most people would rather restore the decaying dairy barn than acknowledge the people who died there. If you want to put a marker there for your grandmother, there is a place at the front of the cemetery where you can do so. There are restrictions on the type and size.

  12. Kimberly Doucet says:

    I read your earlier reply to Kim. My great grandmothers name is Felicie Guillory. I know she died there in 1955. I understand this website can not give medical records and I saw the contact information to request the medical records. I was wondering, if when, you match her name to find that she is buried there, are you able to provide us with her identification number? Thank you all not only for answering our questions but for all that this organization does. It is remarkable and truly appreciated!!

    • DSUpshaw says:

      Kimberly, I am sorry but we can only tell you if her grandmother is on the list of known burials. We can not give out any other information. In fact, we do not have any other information. We can not give out the identification number. I know it is frustrating but that is the law. There is a Felica Guillory on the list. That is all I have. Call the hospital, they can tell you what they are legally able to give you if they do have more. Good Luck.

      • Kimberly Doucet says:

        I figured it was privileged information, but worth a shot. Thank you so much for a quick response.

  13. Rebecca Tyler. says:

    I am looking for my mother
    She may be among the numbered
    Buried here…her name is Barbara Lee Tyler…I am her oldest daughter we have done all to find her she was born July 25, 1942..My email address is. rebeccatyler61@gmail.com
    If you could possibly help us please send me a message on how I can find out if our mother is there…she disappeared in 1964 I was 3 year’s old and the oldest of 4 children..our brother was born in pinvell la in 1963…

    • DSUpshaw says:

      Rebecca, I am sorry but your mother is not on the list we have. That doesn’t mean she was not there or buried there. We do not have a full list. You can call the hospital for records. They may have a record of her. –Debbie

  14. TONYA BOHANNON says:

    Any record of James Bohannon? Death year 1964… Resided there for over 50 years 😦 he was my great uncle…

  15. Rita Normand or possibly Lormand

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